Each month, we will be sharing a testimonial from one of CallShaper’s customers in an effort to share feedback and information on what our customers love about the platform. First up, we spoke with Tammy Bishop, President of HealthyBOS.

What does HealthyBOS do? We provide back office services (like data entry, insurance verification and testing results) for healthcare providers.

How long have you been using CallShaper? For five years.

How do you use CallShaper? We use it for agent management and outbound calling. We also track our pay time and staff KPIs through the platform.

What is your favorite part about CallShaper? It is very easy to use. It does not require technology support to start new programs, write new scripts or create adhoc reports. CallShaper also has excellent resource materials and articles, plus their support staff is very responsive and helpful when questions and concerns arise.

Can you talk about your past experiences with dialing software? I have used other dialer software programs in the past, but I’ve used CallShaper for the last five years because it is so user friendly and easy to manage.

Would you recommend CallShaper? Yes I would!