Each month, we will be highlighting a question we receive often from current and potential customers. This month’s question: What are the different dialing modes you can use with CallShaper?

CallShaper offers four different dialing modes, all of which are available for every single CallShaper customer: Manual, preview, progressive, and predictive.

Manual dialing is the most basic mode. As it sounds, this method involves the agents physically dialing phone numbers. Manual dialing is typically used for smaller campaigns and can also be useful for dialing wireless numbers for which express written consent has not been obtained.

Ideal for business-to-business campaigns when some prior knowledge of the customer would come in handy, the preview dialer allows the agent to access detailed information about the lead being called before the automatic dialer places the call. This dialer allows for some preparation prior to the call, increasing the likelihood of a conversion, should a connection be made with the customer.

If you have a team smaller than three agents, the progressive dialer is your best option. This mode will dial at a 1:1 ratio of agents to calls, ensuring that the agents are not overwhelmed as well as reducing the number of unanswered and abandoned calls and maximizing opportunities to make connections and sales.

The predictive dialer is the most technologically advanced option of the four. It relies on an algorithm that recalculates every second based on the complete 30-day history of the campaign, real-time call results, and the number of agents available in order to determine the frequency at which it can dial while keeping the campaign under the 3% abandonment rate limit. The predictive dialer also calculates the optimal number of lines directed to each agent (up to 20) in order to reduce unanswered calls, limit long wait times and lower dead numbers.

To learn more about CallShaper’s different dialing modes or request a demo, contact CallShaper today.