You may have noticed that your reps are talking to more people now, because more people are home calling in or answering their phones.

  • Give your reps more frequent breaks to prevent them from getting fatigued from talking so much.

The customers may be more demanding or emotional during this time since they are scared and worried.

  • Give your reps more emotional support and positive reinforcement during this time. Remind them that they are helping to take care of these customers during this difficult time and therefore providing a service.

Some of your offers may not be appropriate right now.

  • Review your call guides and your primary and upsell offers. You might want to adjust or pause offers that are not appropriate right now like travel.

Pay close attention to your call volume. 

  • You may see changes in your call volume based on what is going on. Pay close attention to any fluctuations and try to determine root cause so you can make quick adjustments.

Review refund and cancellation policies.

  • It is important to be there to support your customers during this difficult time. Customers will remember after this is over who treated them well and who was difficult to work with.  Review your policies, be as liberal and flexible as possible, and notify your reps of any changes.

If your reps are working from home, they may need more moral support.

  • Having daily face time with them online can help keep their morale up and still feel part of the team. Don’t assume because they are working remotely that they can be completely independent.  Stay in close touch with them on chat to make sure they have the support they need.

Create a positive environment for your reps.

  • Tell jokes, play games, have happy hour at the end of the day. Anything you can do to keep them positive and motivated will carry through to your customers and your business.