CallShaper is here for you during this time of continuity planning and we are WAIVING our licensing fees for 30 days for anyone transitioning to CallShaper due to the COVID-19 Pandemic. Many of our clients have already prepared their call centers. Here are a few quick tips based on what we are seeing in the industry:

  1. Representatives and support staff are now working from home to minimize the spread and ensure business continuity for their customers. CallShaper’s cloud-based dialer allows your staff to work from anywhere with just a computer, a headset and internet connectivity.
  2. If there are obstacles preventing employees working from home, clients are working with us and our partners to move all of their supporting technology to the cloud and hire temporarily work-at-home agents who are familiar with CallShaper.
  3. Anticipate that 30%+ of your staff will be out sick and make hiring decisions to support that.
  4. Set up an IVR process that allows for routing calls by product and task.
  5. Allow new reps to be trained via screen share on one or two specific tasks to minimize training time.
  6. Calculate the anticipated call volume by task to allow for appropriate staffing and training on each task.
  7. Simplify current processes by using CallShaper’s online scripting and data capture to easily guide the representatives through each stage of the process to minimize training time and reduce opportunities for error.
  8. If your current CRM is not user friendly, use export files or API integration from CallShaper to get the data into your CRM systematically.

Call Center planning is easy when you have partners that are here to help with the process.  Whether you are in need of a cloud-based platform that allows your staff to work from home or in need of temporary employees during this uneasy time, CallShaper can help.  Reach out to our team by email at, or call us directly at 888-276-1370 or visit our website at and let us know how we can simplify this transition.