CallShaper, LLC (CallShaper), the originator of a cutting-edge cloud-based dialer platform, announces today that it continues to achieve a successful, value-driven partnership with leading direct marketing services provider, Byte Success. A number of key features of CallShaper’s innovative platform offering have been instrumental in the two-year relationship between the two entities as both seek to further the other’s business goals.

Byte Success initially entered the market leasing seats and licenses from other platforms prior to being introduced to CallShaper. The company was quickly inspired to switch when it became aware of CallShaper’s pricing structure that was friendlier to small businesses and included a lower-level licensing tier. This was instrumental in allowing Byte Success to strongly and confidently enter the market and begin to achieve new heights of growth.

Through its partnership with CallShaper and the use of its platform, Byte Success has been able to launch campaigns within 1–2 weeks from development to launch, 50% less than the 4 week industry standard. Additionally, Byte Success’ speed-to-market acceleration is evidenced by a 127% year-over-year increase with new campaigns.

Some additional elements of CallShaper’s offerings that continue to generate return-on-investment for Byte Success include:

  • Ease-of-Use Technical Elements. Byte Success can easily manage, modify, optimize, and adjust as priorities and goals change without technical expertise with the straightforward user interface.
  • Reliability and Responsiveness. Byte Success has to be ‘up’ in order to generate revenue, and ‘uptime’ is a key driver of success and potential.
  • Hosted Solution with an Interactive Dashboard. CallShaper’s dynamic platform allows for maximum flexibility while the Dashboard allows for nimble tweaks and proactive changes to be made ‒ whether from desk or cell phone.
  • Scalability. CallShaper’s platform has supported Byte Success’ goals as it has expanded and grown, from a team of one 2 years ago to the nearly 200 full-time staff it employs today. Byte Success has had an uptick in customer demand, and has seen a 115% year-over-year increase with its resource headcount since beginning its engagement with CallShaper.
  • Compliance, Built In. CallShaper takes a critical worry off its customers’ shoulders with its built-in compliance function. This allows Byte Success to focus on its business and growth goals.
  • API Integration Functionality. The API integration capability of the CallShaper platform allows Byte Success and its users to connect easily with other platforms, and be nimble enough to fuel its fast growth.

“The partnership with CallShaper has been unmistakably significant for – and directly related to -our business growth over the last two years,” said Christie Anderson, Principal and Founder of Byte Success. “In addition to its rich functions and wealth of capabilities, CallShaper’s platform supports both outbound and inbound sides of our business. We have grown from running 15-20 active campaigns in December, 2017, to more than 50 currently. Our time to market to get our clients’ campaigns up and running is 2 weeks where the majority of our competitors are 4 weeks! This distinction has helped us to stand out significantly within our time-sensitive industry. CallShaper is a true leader who understands our space and specific needs, and we are proud to be their partner.”

“The direct marketing space is a natural fit for CallShaper’s platform and key functionalities. This is evident in the results and return-on-investment Byte Success has achieved over the past two years in their partnership with us,” said Bob Wienholt, CEO and Cofounder of CallShaper. “Our clients are the life-blood of our operations, and we are committed to working with them to make sure our platform is delivering the efficiency and responsiveness they need to be major leaders in their respective categories. We look forward to more success in our partnership with Byte Success in the future.”

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About CallShaper

CallShaper, founded in 2012 and located in Perry Hall, Maryland, is the originator of a cutting-edge cloud-based call center platform for efficiency and compliance-minded directors of inbound and outbound telemarketing call centers. CallShaper harnesses the power of the cloud to automate 100% of the telemarketing process to keep agents focused on making sales. For more information, request a demo or visit


About Byte Success

Byte Success provides a wide range of integrated direct marketing solutions. Our experience allows us to partner with our clients on a number of levels, from complete program outsourcing to industry specific consulting solutions, Marketing Services, Technical Solutions, and Back Office Support. For more information, please visit