The leading originator of a cutting-edge call center platform’s full lifecycle of scripting capabilities delivers measurable impact with GoHealth 360, LLC with 50% Increase in Efficiency

CallShaper, LLC (CallShaper), the originator of a cutting-edge cloud-based dialer platform, announces today the significant impacts its dynamic scripting capabilities are delivering through its partnership with GoHealth 360, LLC (GoHealth). GoHealth has revolutionized the way in which consumers can locate suppliers of medical equipment and pharmaceutical products.

GoHealth selected CallShaper’s platform for its dynamic scripting features to address the quickly-evolving needs of its clients in the medical supply, pharmacy, and oral medication manufacturer spaces, and to speed the delivery of qualified leads and greater depth into its agents’ interactions.

CallShaper’s platform and innovative features have driven success as the main drivers of GoHealth’s business. The creative scripting options, such as page task logic, and the ability to embed third-party APIs to further the decision-making process achieve greater depth in information agents receive. This has been significant in speeding delivery of qualified leads to the client, in real-time. Additionally, CallShaper’s easy-to-use platform has reduced training and the need for ‘hand-holding’ by GoHealth team members, enabling more of a deep focus on strategic growth and expansion.

As a result, since engaging with CallShaper, GoHealth has experienced measurable impacts – largely due to the robust capabilities of CallShaper’s platform and scripting features. The CallShaper platform’s strategic design, to account for the entire call center lifecycle, also ensures the partnership is set to scale as GoHealth continues its growth trajectory.

“We have built our entire business on top of CallShaper’s platform, using even more features than their team envisioned at the beginning,” said Jordan Soblick, Vice President of Marketing at GoHealth 360, LLC. “CallShaper allows us to harness the depth and breadth of the information our agents are receiving and leveraging that to deliver greater value and results to our clients. Because of CallShaper, we are growing faster than ever and have achieved a 50% increase in efficiency at the front and back ends of our business.”

“Dynamic scripting capabilities are an essential element in a successful call center business,” said Bob Wienholt, CEO and Co-Founder of CallShaper. “Our platform puts scripting in a central role at the core of the call center operational lifecycle, with the ability for our clients to leverage the creative aspects of its features to serve their own needs and goals. We look forward to continuing to enable GoHealth’s success and growth.”

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About CallShaper

CallShaper, founded in 2012 and located in Perry Hall, Maryland, is the originator of a cutting-edge cloud-based call center platform for efficiency and compliance-minded directors of inbound and outbound telemarketing call centers. CallShaper harnesses the power of the cloud to automate 100% of the telemarketing process to keep agents focused on making sales. For more information, please visit

About GoHealth 360, LLC

GoHealth360, LLC is a healthcare analytics and information centric consumer services organization. Founded by healthcare veterans with strategic backgrounds in durable medical equipment and pharmaceutical industries, GoHealth360 understands how to deliver core values to healthcare organizations, and brings years of experience and knowledge to its clients’ businesses, to help them through compliant and cost-effective marketing programs. For more information, please visit