Each month, we will be highlighting a question we receive often from current and potential customers. This month’s question: How does call transferring work with CallShaper?

There are two ways agents are able to transfer calls within the CallShaper platform. The first way is a warm/attended transfer.  An agent can use a warm/attended transfer when they have been speaking with a customer up to a point at which they need to transfer the customer to a supervisor or a different specialist. In this case, the agent would connect their colleague into the call, introduce the customer to that person and explain how he or she will be able to better assist with the situation, and then drop off the call and leave the customer to continue with the second person.

The second transfer option is a cold/blind transfer. In this case, the agent would not give the customer an introduction to the next person he or she is being transferred to. Instead, the agent would inform the customer that the transfer is about to happen and then send the customer to the next person in the chain.

In both cases, CallShaper allows for tracking throughout the total call, regardless of how many agents the customer speaks to over the course of the call. This is key, as keeping track of how long a call continues after a transfer provides information about how likely it is that a sale occurred. It will also provide information on the effectiveness of a transfer as a sales tool and whether or not it increased the likelihood of closing the sale. If not, it may mean that additional training is needed for your agents to help them close sales.

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