CallShaper’s dynamic scripting interface includes a variety of features that make your agents’ jobs exponentially easier. Pre-filled forms allow them to move quickly through introductions and straight to the point of the call. Drop-down menus and checklists limit wait time for typing and move the call forward. Supervisor chat and transfer features make it easy to consult the supervisor or transfer a call to him or her while limiting any downtime on the call. And then there are rebuttals. While rebuttals are just one of many components of the scripting on CallShaper, they are crucial to optimizing your agents’ performance and maximizing sales.

Put simply, rebuttals are any questions, gripes, or reasons for hesitating that a customer may offer during a call. The most common ones can be added to any or all pages of a script, so that if a customer offers one the agent can click on it and be provided with an answer or a solution that will hopefully help them steer the call in a more constructive direction. Depending on the nature and type of campaign, customers will likely offer the same rebuttals over and over again, so it is incredibly beneficial to know how to respond to the most common ones.

Why? Having answers on hand immediately will make the agent appear more knowledgeable and in control of the call. Think about a job interview. If you asked your interviewer a question and they said, “I don’t know, I’m going to need to look that up for you,” it would change your impression of the person, who you previously viewed as someone in a position of knowledge and power. What’s more, there won’t be any downtime while the agent is finding the answer to the question, time in which the customer could lose interest or even hang up. Maintaining constant dialogue is key, and having rebuttals built into the script makes that possible. CallShaper’s scripts are also very easy to edit and can be edited as often as is necessary, so you can be constantly adding new rebuttals and replies as they come up in calls.

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