Each month, we will be highlighting a question we receive often from current and potential customers. This month’s question: Does CallShaper have online scripting available?

Yes! CallShaper has a dynamic scripting interface that is easy to edit and adjust as needed. Instead of relying on your agents to remember every single thing they need to know and do over the course of a call, scripting allows you to create a route for them to follow that ensures they will ask the right questions, collect the right information and provide all the key selling points on every call, helping them to convert leads or maximize sales.

Easy-to-use forms can be pre-filled to streamline the call as well as used to capture all the required data in the right format with data validation of each field. Drop-down menus and checklists can also be employed to minimize the amount of data entry the rep is responsible for during the call, allowing them to quickly move the call forward. You can build out an unlimited number of routes for the call to take based on possible customer responses so that the rep is never confused about or unsure of what should come next during a call. Rebuttals and frequently asked questions can also be built into the script based on common customer responses or questions so that reps will have answers and options at the ready.

Another critical and unique aspect of CallShaper’s online scripting is that it is online. Scripts do not need to be downloaded or opened outside of the dialer and the agent is able to open tabs within the scripting interface if they need to search for any additional information or want to have it on hand. Tabs allow agents to easily jump back and forth between a web page and the script with negligible lag time, ensuring that the customer stays engaged. Reps can also open a chat box on the script screen if they need to send a message to their supervisor during a call. Having all of these options in one place helps agents stay organized and increases the likelihood of converting leads.

To learn more about CallShaper’s online scripting features, request a demo today.