Operating a business or a campaign using a call center means that, by nature, your business does not have a face. But it does have a voice, and that voice is the agents who are making and answering calls and speaking to customers. Indeed, you could be offering the most highly sought-after product in the world—but if your agents don’t know how to sell it properly, you won’t move a single unit. That’s why proper and effective training is so key. Your agents must not only be fluent in top selling points but also know how to keep a conversation moving and flowing in a personable way. Callers and customers don’t want to feel like they are talking to a robot; they want to have a conversation with a human. If your agents can be human, knowledgeable and persuasive, then you will have a recipe for success.

While CallShaper can’t train your agents for you, there are tools you can use to ensure that the training you provide to your agents is effective and being maximized. Chief among those tools is the quality assurance scorecard. These scorecards can be customized in any way that will help you monitor and measure your agents’ performance. Questions can evaluate how accurately agents are following the call script, how well they are able to answer customers’ questions and address their concerns and if all the required information is properly gathered before the end of the call. Are there a few very specific points your agents are required to hit over the course of a call? Whether or not they hit them can be part of the scorecard as well.

The scoring methods you use on your scorecard can also be customized. You can determine what qualifies as a pass and as a fail and even prioritize certain questions over others. If there is one thing your agent must say or one question they must ask that they miss, then you can make those criteria an auto fail.

The scores that result from these scorecards not only provide feedback for the agents to help them improve their performance and sales, but they are also a direct reflection of how effective your training protocols are. If your agents are converting leads and passing their scorecards with flying colors it means that they are receiving all the tools they need to do so in their training. But if they are struggling, it could be a reflection on the individuals. But it may also be a reflection on the training they are getting, helping to initiate changes or updates to those protocols.

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