Each month, we will be highlighting a question we receive often from current and potential customers. This month’s question: Is CallShaper good for small campaigns?


Yes it is! CallShaper is a great choice for any size telemarketing campaign, but especially for companies and organizations with smaller teams and smaller campaigns. The biggest reason: The dialer features and tools you have access to on CallShaper do not change based on the size of your campaign. When you start using the dialer, you will be given the full swath of tools available, regardless of the size of your campaign—from dynamic scripting to lead management to regulatory compliance mechanisms and more.


If you start using a different call center software for your small team or small campaign, you may be given access to a lower tier system and then be forced to learn a new system if (and when!) your team grows. But with CallShaper, you only need to learn how to use the software and train your team once and you’ll be good to go for any future campaigns. This need to only train your agents once is especially helpful for small teams because when you have fewer people, you want to spend as little time on training as possible so your agents can spend more time selling.


Multiple dialer types are also conducive to any size team. CallShaper’s predictive dialer does not limit you to a tiny dialing ratio based on the size of your team; it uses an algorithm to determine the optimal number of phone numbers that can be dialed at any given moment to reduce abandoned calls and increase connections. But if the predictive dialer isn’t right for your team, CallShaper also offers a progressive dialer, which is specifically designed for teams with fewer than three agents so that they aren’t overwhelmed.


To learn more about how CallShaper can strengthen your small—or large—campaign, contact us today.