Detailed reports are critical to measuring the performance of your team in real time and after work hours. But in order to be helpful, reports need to measure things that you can actively use to improve your team’s conversion rates and sales as well as ensure that they are working efficiently. At CallShaper, we offer a variety of metrics that supervisors can view and track in real time to help them measure and monitor agent performance. Those metrics include:

  • Team and Individual Performance: On their dashboard, supervisors can see what all their agents are up to as well as how their team is performing as a whole. If there are inefficiencies or weaker team members, these details will be apparent.
  • Media Performance: If you’re using media, such as online, print or television advertisements to drive customers to your campaign you can track what type of media and even which individual post or advertisement sent a particular customer to call. This tool can be incredibly beneficial when determining future marketing budgets.
  • Lead Performance: This real-time report can help you determine which leads, if any, you need to put to bed and if there are particular lead sources that are panning out and worth pursuing further.
  • Timesplit: Call volume is going to change depending on the time of day and day of the week. This metric will show you what’s going on with call volume, helping ensure that your call center is staffed appropriately at all times.
  • Sales: What are your agents selling and how? Being able to see every detail about sales, according to product types, upsells, downsells and any other categories, can help you determine the best way to grow your business.
  • Disposition: There are many reasons why customers may not be buying, some on the customer side and others on the call center side. These reports can help you identify what some of those reasons might be.
  • Custom: If there are other metrics unique to your business model or campaign that you would like to track in real time, you can!

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