The number of call center agents working from home has drastically increased over the last year and many of them expect to continue working from home for the foreseeable future. While it can be challenging to create a designated workspace at home, especially if there are others in the household trying to do the same, having the tools and equipment that will make agents’ jobs easier and smoother can go far towards optimizing the work from home experience. Here, three supplies that will do just that.

High Quality Headphones

As long as a company is using a cloud-based call center software like CallShaper, the only things their agents need in order to work from home are a computer, a strong internet connection and a headset. But the headsets used in an office setting may not be sufficient or comfortable in a home setting, in which more and varied background noises may be present. For this reason, headphones that block out any in-home noises while amplifying the customer on the other end of the line are essential, as are headphones that fit well. The ideal comfortable office set up may be hard to come by, but a headset that fits snugly shouldn’t be.

Wireless Mouse

An easy-to-use scripting platform is essential for call center agents to do their jobs successfully and efficiently. Being able to move quickly from step to step, identify necessary rebuttals and answers to questions and contact their supervisors if needed are all key to building a trusting rapport with the customer. But laptop touch pads may make navigating amongst these steps difficult at best and slow and frustrating at worst. The solution: A good wireless mouse (and mousepad, if it’s needed). A wireless mouse will eliminate any downgrades in the agent’s ability to navigate swiftly through the script and collect information as they go.

Comfortable Chair

Cushy, high-backed office chairs simply don’t fit in many work-from-home spaces and countless workers are forced to make do with kitchen chairs or other seating that’s already in their home. If this is the case, adding a seat cushion and/or a back-support cushion to a basic chair can go far towards improving comfort and eliminating aches and pains caused by sitting for hours on end. And if a more supportive desk chair is an option, both financially and spatially, it can be a boon towards creating a more comfortable and therefore a more productive work environment for agents.

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