An important segment of call center business is inbound calls. Inbound call centers are vital for companies that run advertisements or promotions prompting potential customers to call for additional information or to receive a limited-time deal, as well as companies that maintain on-call customer service departments to respond to queries, complaints and requests. In both instances, a system must be in place that can efficiently direct incoming calls to the agent who can best assist them. With CallShaper, that system is the Interactive Voice Responder (IVR), which can be easily customized to the company’s exact needs and specifications. CallShaper’s unique drag-and-drop interface allows clients to build in all the options that will be available to callers and link them in the specific order in which callers should be directed. Some of those call routing options include:

  • To An Agent: If it is during work hours and a customer is calling with a query that can be easily addressed, that call can be routed to an agent. Clients can customize this routing order in a variety of ways, setting the system to route calls based on agent availability, the time of day or the day of the week. If only certain agents respond to certain types of calls, the IVR can be set to determine the nature of the call before routing it to the agent who can best respond to it.
  • To A Queue: For companies in which all agents are equipped to handle all queries, a queue can be built into the IVR. Once callers arrive at this stage, they will be held until an agent becomes available who can address their needs.
  • To A Third Party: In some cases, not all queries can be addressed by the call center agents. If this situation arises, the IVR can directly transfer callers to a third party, saving the caller the time and the hassle of getting in touch with that person or company themselves and making the call center appear more helpful and more willing to take that extra step to assist customers.
  • To Voicemail: During off hours or on days when the call center might be short-staffed, the IVR has the option to send callers to a voicemail box from any stage in their call, where they can leave their query to be addressed at a later date.

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