Call center managers have a difficult job. They want to ensure that each agent on their team is performing up to quality standards, following the script correctly and maximizing every opportunity to make a sale or appease a customer. But there may be too many agents to monitor directly or supervisors and agents may even be in separate locations. That’s why CallShaper, the originator of a cutting-edge, web-based call center platform, incorporates features that help supervisors guarantee high-quality calls every time. Some of those features:

  • Chat Features: Through the supervisor interface, managers have the option to start an instant message chat with any one of their agents or with their entire team.
  • Live Call Dip In: Supervisors have three different options if they would like to dip into a live call with one of their agents, each accessible with the simple click of a button. They can listen in on a call with the Monitor feature, they can enter the call and make it a three-way with the Barge in feature, or they can speak directly to their agent without the customer hearing with the Whisper feature.
  • Real-Time Reporting: On the supervisor’s home page, they are able to monitor agent stats in real time, including how many agents are logged in, how many are available, how many are on calls and how many are wrapping up calls. The software also generates hourly performance reports and provides real-time rankings of agents for the current day and week based on total sales.
  • Post-Call Reporting: Supervisors can access campaign-level, team-level or agent-level reports with the option to drill down into the details of individual calls. These reports have already been created and are available in the platform to use, or supervisors can create customizable reports for each campaign. All reports can be viewed on the platform or exported or emailed as an Excel document.
  • Scorecards: Within QA Reports, CallShaper offers detailed and fully customizable scorecards for supervisors to use to listen to calls and grade agents. All the data is stored on the platform and scorecards can be sorted by agent or by grader in order to identify patterns and areas for possible improvement. There are then options to export analytics reports based on these break downs or even breaking down the scorecard results by individual questions.

To learn more about the real time reporting features or request a demo, contact CallShaper today.