Any company that uses a call center as part of their business model inadvertently opens themselves up to predatory litigation under the Telephone Consumer Protection Act, or TCPA, with every call or text sent. Unfortunately, there are people whose primary goal is to run scams and schemes that will allow them to sue call center clients under the TCPA, which can earn them profits while financially crippling companies. And not only does this exist, but business is booming: Since 2010, TCPA lawsuits against call centers using automated dialing systems have increased a whopping 1,273%. But clients who use CallShaper’s cloud-based call center platform can rest easy without worrying about this risk, as the platform is fully integrated with The Blacklist Alliance.

The goal of The Blacklist Alliance is to minimize the impact and expense of these lawsuits. Through the use of various tools, techniques and technologies, The Blacklist Alliance has built a comprehensive list of the professional plaintiffs, class action lawyers and regulatory enforcement agencies that are looking to sue call centers under TCPA. One of these is the Litigation Firewall, which automatically blocks calls to and from phone numbers associated with known TCPA litigators. The Blacklist Alliance also offers data services that help ensure call center compliance with TCPA regulations, plus 24/7 monitoring of court filings that provide immediate notification if a lawsuit is filed.

The combination of built-in TCPA and state regulations and partnership with The Blacklist Alliance make CallShaper the safest call center platform on the market. Contact CallShaper to learn more about all the steps being taken to keep clients safe.