There are numerous extensive and constantly changing regulations and restrictions on the call center and telemarketing industries. These regulations come from bodies like the federal government, watchdog organizations, and state governments. State regulations, in particular, can be difficult to maintain compliance with because they can vary from state to state. However, one smart first step you can take is to have an idea of the types of regulations and restrictions states might have in place.

One of the most important areas to be aware of when it comes to state regulations is the restrictions around days, times and holidays on which you are allowed to make calls. Many states have requirements on the hours of the day you are allowed to call during the week and the hours of the day that are allowed on the weekends. There are also rules around holidays when calling is off limits, and these may change depending on the state your customer is in. For example, Lincoln’s birthday, February 12, is considered an official holiday in Connecticut, Illinois, Missouri, New Jersey and New York, while Patriots Day falls on the third Monday of April in Maine and Massachusetts.

The other key regulatory area that varies by the state is scripting compliance. Some states need two party consent to record a call. Some are known as “No Rebuttal” states, which requires the agent to end the call as soon as the customer indicates that they aren’t interested. Others require the call recording to be systematically turned off when the agent is collecting sensitive or confidential information, such as a credit card number. There are also different requirements for Payment Card Industry (PCI) compliance and HIPAA compliance that can vary by state.

The only way to successfully keep track of all of these regulations is with a dialing software that is able to do just that for you. CallShaper allows you to characterize leads by state so that numbers won’t be dialed during restricted days and times, plus lets you build steps into your scripting to ensure your reps are following the scripting regulations of the customer’s state. For more information on how CallShaper helps you stay compliant, contact us today!