Leads are the lifeblood of any telemarketing campaign—without them, the campaign stalls and the client suffers. And almost as crucial as possession of quality leads is an efficient system through which to organize, process and rate them. Here are some of the lead management strategies that can help call center clients easily and effectively manage leads:

  • Bulk File Uploading: Depending on the size of a campaign, manually inputting leads into a dialer can be a literally never-ending task. What’s more, uploading files that are not in the proper format and need to be adjusted can cost agents valuable time. Importing large numbers of leads at once should be quick and easy, as should making sure that the right information is uploaded and saved into the right field so that the dialer can read it and use it immediately.
  • Real Time Lead Posting and Prioritization: Leads posted in real time should be easily tracked and immediately available for dialing. Likewise, flexible lead prioritization makes it easy to control or change the mix of leads and sources from which the dialer is pulling based on real-time results or new information.
  • Lead Source Reporting: Lead sources may vary, and in some cases it may be initially unclear whether a source is producing viable leads. Real time reports on call results can quickly determine whether a new source has produced worthy leads or if it is a dead end.
  • Regulatory Compliance Assurance: Tight regulations on the types of numbers that can be dialed through certain campaigns mean that leads need to be triple checked in order to assure compliance. A dialer that will check multiple databases to determine if leads are landline or wireless and then apply the appropriate rules will protect the client against potentially damaging litigation as a result of receiving bad leads.

All of these lead management solutions are offered to every client that utilizes CallShaper’s call center platform, helping them get the most out of their leads and maximize their business. For more information on CallShaper’s easy-to-use lead management strategies, request a demo today.