For companies that rely on outbound call centers, maximizing the number of calls placed and the quality of those calls is crucial to the success of the campaign. Having different dialing options available can help agents dramatically increase the number of live connections they make on a daily basis, which can make or break a campaign. What are some of these dialing methods?

  • Manual: Manual dialing is used when a company wants the call center agents to physically dial phone numbers. This method also helps campaigns comply with TCPA guidelines for dialing wireless numbers for which express written consent has not been obtained.
  • Preview: Especially useful for business-to-business campaigns, this dialer allows the agent to see detailed data about the lead prior to the automatic dialer placing the call. This way, the agent is able to prepare for the call and maximize the opportunity to make a sale should a live connection be established.
  • Progressive: Specifically designed for teams smaller than three agents so that they aren’t overwhelmed, the progressive dialer dials at a 1:1 ratio of agents to calls in order to reduce unanswered and abandoned calls and maximize connections and sales.
  • Predictive: The predictive dialer uses a cutting-edge algorithm, recalculating every second based on the 30-day history of the campaign, call results and number of agents available in order to determine the number of calls that can be made while keeping the campaign under the 3% abandonment rate limit. It also calculates the optimal number of lines per agent that will lower unanswered calls, limit long wait times and reduce dead numbers.

CallShaper’s cloud-based call center software offers all four of these options, including the predictive dialer, which separates them from other call center solutions on the market. For more information on dialing options and to request a demo, reach out to CallShaper here.