CallShaper has a vision for a more efficient, more profitable call center industry.  By utilizing technology, call centers can rely on automation to optimize performance and help better manage the workforce from virtually anywhere in the world. 

This virtual model allows us to transform the call center industry from a highly capital-intensive environment to an almost exclusively variable cost model.  This migration to a virtual environment will improve call center industry efficiency and help optimize performance through technological advances and automation.

The call center business has traditionally functioned as a brick and mortar model with a physical location where all employees come to work every day.  The capital expenditures to start up and maintain a call center involves high fixed costs being a substantial part of the financial mix, thus lowering profit margin. By focusing on the inefficiencies and utilizing improved technology to address them, we can change this model.

The key trends allowing for this change to the model are:

  • Cloud-based dialers like CallShaper, allow people to call from anywhere in the world and be managed virtually.
  • International technology advances allowing people in more countries to have high-speed internet at home has opened access to the international workforce. In the international workforce, a call center job is desirable work, labor is cheap and easy to find.
  • Unemployment rates are very low in the US and call center jobs are not desirable.

Through our technology platforms, we can help companies lower their current costs.  Companies in the call center business can do the following:

  • Human Resources: Gain the ability to recruit from an international workforce.  Sales agents can work from anywhere in the world on the CallShaper platform, as long as they have sufficient internet bandwidth.  Access to international labor will lower payroll and training costs because of the lower wages and higher retention.
  • Performance Tracking: Comprehensive reporting on the calling results help to determine where to focus efforts which include media sources, geographical, and sales agent level reporting.  By providing these reports CallShaper can help you optimize the media sources and improve sales performance.
  • Virtual Call Center Management: A lot of the functions of the supervisor and management team is automated so the data they need is at their fingertips.  They will be able to provide sales agents consistent and accurate feedback and encouragement on their results.  This can help you lower the management ratios and save money with less human capital needs.

Our CallShaper product can have significant value to the call center industry, changing it into a more automated, efficient industry.  Our products help lower the fixed costs required to maintain a brick and mortar location and allow companies to successfully manage a virtual and international operation.  In addition to lowering fixed overhead, human capital costs will shrink and be replaced with lower costs for the technology.

CallShaper is committed to continuing to invest in our technology to allow call centers to become more efficient and more profitable. Request a Demo Today!