New to CallShaper? 4 Things You Can Integrate into the System 

Have you recently transitioned from using a different dialer software to using CallShaper? If so, welcome! We’re excited to have you. If you were previously using a different dialer, chances are you were using a number of other systems and technologies as well. Fortunately, CallShaper’s integration options make it easy to integrate your existing programs and assets with the system so you can have everything in one place. Here are four things you can effortlessly integrate into your dialer.

  1. External Scripts 

If you have existing call scripts your agents already use and are familiar with, you can bring those into CallShaper by simply adding the URL where it lives and adding a few other details. Once in, the script will become interactive and editable within CallShaper’s system.

  1. Leads 

If you purchase or obtain leads from different sources, it’s easy to upload those lists into CallShaper. Once in, you can sort them based on things like lead source, location, priority, and other characteristics that will make it easier for you to cycle through them in the most efficient manner. You can even assign different lead lists to different agents based on agent seniority or skills or the importance of the leads.

  1. DNC Lists

Maintaining compliance with the federal and state rules and regulations around Do Not Call (DNC) lists is imperative to running a functioning call center. At any given time, there are likely multiple DNC lists that you need to be aware of and compliant with, including, but not limited to, the federal DNC registry and your own internal DNC list on which customers have requested placement. If you obtain DNC lists from other places, such as organizations that compile lists of numbers you must not call in order to avoid litigation, you can integrate those into your call lists within CallShaper as well.

  1. Sales and Management Software

Almost every business today requires multiple software systems and platforms in order to manage all the components. At CallShaper, our system is able to communicate with over 1,000 different web applications, ensuring that you will be able to consolidate and streamline all your company’s processes in one place.

For more on how our integration options can help streamline your business, contact CallShaper today.