Even though the cloud and cloud-based apps and systems have been around for many years, the average person on the street is likely still unsure of exactly what the cloud is and how you access it. And even after explaining it, a large question still remains: Why do I need to use it for my business? For many years, there were benefits to choosing cloud-based software but as long as all your employees worked out of a single office it wasn’t a necessity. Premised-based systems were perfectly adequate and offices were seen as the optimal setting for businesses to be housed, call centers included.

But then 2020 and the COVID-19 pandemic happened. Offices around the world were forced to shut their doors and send their employees home, hopefully with the tools they needed to continue to do their jobs just as they were doing them before. This was the moment at which companies that already used cloud-based dialers were able to race ahead of the pack—all of their systems, databases and applications were already housed in the cloud, meaning they could be accessed from anywhere with an internet connection without any difficulty. The basic processes, policies and how employees went about their work did not need to change. On the flip side, companies with premise-based systems needed to figure out a way for their employees to continue to access the system, or at the very least the applications they needed to complete their daily tasks.

A year after the pandemic began to explode around the world, it is clear that the nature of office work has been irrevocably changed. Companies like Zillow, Twitter, Facebook and REI have given their employees the option to work remotely indefinitely. And for many others, employees who do return to offices will be returning to a very different environment than the one they left last March.

Businesses that utilize cloud-based dialer software like CallShaper are likely wrestling with these decisions now, but one thing is certain: While there would certainly be bumps on the road to going fully remote, the fact that they have a cloud-based dialer already in place would make the transition significantly smoother. And from the perspective of the dialers, the pandemic has brought to the fore something that we already knew: Cloud-based software offers the much-needed flexibility that companies are looking for today while providing all the necessary tools to run a company smoothly. In other words, the events of 2020 proved why cloud-based dialers are the best choice for call centers.

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