“Nearly 30% of working professionals would quit if they had to return to office after pandemic.” (USA Today)

Most call center leaders could not have imagined going from having agents in their office to having them all work from home.  Last year changed all that around the globe. Some organizations handled the transition well with teams that kept their selling effectiveness and productivity high.  Many struggled with how to lead their team without being able to see them walk over to their desk, nor have meetings in person.

Now as the country (and many parts of the world) starts to allow people to return to offices, leaders face a new potential challenge – managing a call center team where some agents do not return, others do, some work from home and the office throughout the week, and new hires who only want to work from home.

If you are struggling with the new Hybrid office and maintaining or getting more production from your sales teams, the Sales Leadership Best Practices for the Hybrid Call Center Workshop is for you. 

In this workshop, Alec and Jason will share the best practices they have learned through working with (and observing) many companies and what is going well, and not so well, for the teams they are managing.

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