Inbound call centers play a crucial role in a variety of businesses. They handle customer service inquiries, process orders, returns and exchanges, offer tech support, and take orders from customers responding to advertising campaigns. But no matter the role of the inbound call center in your business, there are three key metrics that will help you determine the performance and efficiency of your agents. They are:

  • Media: Especially important if your call center is set up to speak with customers responding to advertisements, media data will tell you what specific media is prompting the customers to call. If you are advertising in different mediums, such as an email campaign, TV commercial and banner ads online, knowing which medium is most effective for your customer base will help you spend more responsibly and increase your return on advertising investment.
  • Timesplit: These reports will show you how your incoming call volume changes throughout the day as well as the average lengths of calls at different times of day. With this information, you will be able to appropriately staff your call center to handle the volume, ensuring that every customer is helped efficiently and effectively.
  • Sales: Sales numbers are always important to track, but they are particularly vital if your campaign has upsells, downsells or multiple product types. More products mean a larger initial investment. The ability to determine what’s selling and what isn’t and then adjust accordingly can make or break a campaign financially. This data can also give you some insight into how well your agents are selling and if you might need to adjust your scripting. If everyone on your team is struggling to upsell, perhaps the jump in product is too large or the scripting you are using isn’t persuasive or descriptive enough. Fortunately, these things are easy to change once the need for adjustments has been identified, and sales reports can help you identify it in a timely manner.

If you use CallShaper to host your inbound call center, our reporting mechanisms will deliver all of this data in real time to help you maximize the success of your campaign. Find out more about how we can help now.