While an efficient and trustworthy method for obtaining leads is critical for any outbound campaign, the strategy you employ to maximize and utilize those leads can have a profound impact on how many potential customers you are able to connect with. One of these categories is dialing strategies, the different ways in which you can manipulate dialing practices in order to maximize connections. Some of these dialing strategies include:

  • Time Adjustments: There are a variety of time-related adjustments you can make to your dialing practices. You can adjust the time between dial attempts, so you aren’t calling the same person three times every hour and lowering the likelihood that they will pick up. You can set a specific time of day at which to dial a particular lead, and then switch to a different time of day if enough attempts prove unsuccessful. You can also schedule a specific day of the week on which to contact a lead and then adjust it accordingly.
  • Number of Attempt Adjustments: The number of dial attempts you make to each lead will play a key role in whether you are able to convert the lead into a customer. One option would be to set a maximum number of dial attempts per day, while another is to set a maximum number of lifetime attempts for each lead. Not only will this increase the likelihood of conversion, but it can also help you weed out dead leads that are no longer worth having in your rotation.
  • Attempt Frequency Adjustments: It’s possible that a lead will hit its maximum number of lifetime attempts but you aren’t ready to dispose of it yet. If that’s the case, you can specify an amount of time to rest that lead before you recycle it for more attempts. You could also break your leads up into buckets based on frequency of attempts or the length of time that has passed since those leads were part of your regular rotation.

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