Running a call center, whether it’s inbound or outbound, is a tricky business. There are many factors, large and small, that can influence if a business succeeds or fails. That’s why folks like CallShaper who are in the call center business are constantly working to identify these challenges, how they can influence call center success and how to address and solve them. Here, some of the ways we are addressing the biggest challenges facing call centers.

The Challenge: Connecting with Leads

This is a challenge facing both inbound and outbound call centers. For inbound call centers, it can be difficult to ensure that customers are sent to the correct place when they call and that they are helped in a timely manner. For outbound call centers, determining which leads are worthwhile and working through them can seem like a never-ending process.

The Solution: CallShaper has a number of features that address this challenge. The Interactive Voice Responder for inbound call centers can ensure that calls are routed to the correct destination. For outbound centers, lead management and reporting tools help determine the quality of leads and the predictive dialer makes sure that they are being called in an efficient manner. And in both cases, dynamic scripting features help agents handle calls swiftly and confidently.

The Challenge: Compliance

There are numerous rules and regulations at both the state and federal levels that call centers must be aware of and compliant with.

The solution: CallShaper’s built-in compliance mechanisms make complying with these rules a cinch! It’s easy to create settings that ensure leads are only being called on approved days and times, proper consent is being obtained, calls are not being abandoned at an unacceptable rate and Do Not Call lists are being managed appropriately.

The Challenge: Integration

Gone are the days when businesses were run using one platform or computer program. Today, numerous programs are required to run a business successfully, even if all of those programs don’t live in the same place.

The solution: CallShaper’s platform is designed to easily integrate with a variety of apps, websites and business management systems. Our goal and hope is that you are able to manage your entire business from one place inside the platform.

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