Each month, we will be highlighting a question we receive often from current and potential customers. This month’s question: How do you control the calling of leads in CallShaper?

With CallShaper’s leading dialer platform, you have total control over how you utilize your leads and multiple ways you can organize them. First, you can organize your leads into buckets, or groups that will be routed to your agents together. These buckets can be based on where the leads came from, when you obtained them (calling the newest leads before the oldest) or how frequently they have been used (calling the leads with the fewest attempts before those with the most). You can also organize them based on priority level and even route the highest priority leads to your more experienced or most skilled reps in order to maximize connections and sales.

Second, you can control when and how leads are called. Again based on buckets (or by where the leads are located), you can adjust the frequency at which leads are called, the attempts per day made to those numbers, the lifetime number of attempts made and the hours of the day you want those numbers to be called. Finally, you can set a date, time or frequency at which you want leads to expire, or the time at which you would like CallShaper to remove them from your rotation.

All these settings are simple to adjust and can be changed as many times as you’d like, with changes taking effect instantly. That means that you can be constantly tweaking settings as you receive new leads to ensure they are all being utilized optimally.

To learn more about how CallShaper’s lead settings and other features can optimize your call center business, reach out to request a demo today!