Call center agents for insurance companies—whether that’s health, home, auto, life, or another type—play a critically important role for those businesses. Agents on the phone serve as the primary liaison between insurance companies and their customers—and in an industry that has a reputation for being difficult to navigate, a pleasant and helpful phone experience can go a long way towards fostering trust and goodwill between customers and the insurance company. But in order to be pleasant and helpful, agents need the correct tools and capabilities. Here are three tools that insurance companies need in their call center software.


Easy-to-Navigate Scripting


Depending on the type of insurance being sold and the department the agent is in, they may be getting a variety of inquiries and questions from customers. A dynamic scripting platform that is easy to navigate and provides space for answers to frequently asked questions and rebuttals to common customer woes will help agents quickly dispense advice, answer questions and provide accurate plan information to customers with minimal downtime needed to find the answers elsewhere.


Database Integration


The vast majority of customers who connect with their insurance company over the phone are going to have questions about their specific plan—and they don’t want to wait ten minutes after they’ve connected with an agent while the agent pulls up the details of their plan. To streamline this process, the call center platform should be fully integrated with the company’s customer database so that agents don’t have to move between multiple applications in order to find all the information they need to adequately deal with an inquiry.


E-Commerce Capabilities


Another major part of the insurance agent’s job is to update plans, process claims and collect payments. Completing this role quickly and smoothly requires the call center platform to have integrated e-commerce capabilities so that agents don’t have to open a new application or send customers to someone in a different department to complete these tasks.

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