“I’d like to speak to your supervisor,” is a phrase that call center agents undoubtedly hear often—likely more than they or their supervisors would hope. Even so, it’s not uncommon for customers to seek a second opinion or an alternative solution to their problem if they find the first one unsatisfactory (in most cases, by no fault of the agent delivering the solution). And if and when an agent does reach the point in a call at which they have run out of ways to be helpful, a supervisor may need to step in. CallShaper is well aware of this possibility, which is why the dialer comes with tools that support call center supervisors and help make these situations much easier.

Chat. Just as it sounds, the chat feature allows supervisors to instant message with any member of their team at any time from within the dialer. Agents can also start chats with supervisors—so if they feel the transfer request coming and want to give their supervisor a heads up or they want to ask them a question without pausing the call and putting the customer on hold, they have the ability to do so.

Monitor. If a text chat is not enough, the Monitor feature is the first of three ways that a supervisor can enter an ongoing call in real time. With this option, they are entering the call silently and stealthily so neither the agent nor the customer knows that they are there. This option is helpful for doing random quality assurance checks, as the supervisor can pop into a call unheard and unannounced to see how the agent is doing and if the caller’s needs are being met.

Whisper. One step beyond a Monitor, the Whisper feature allows the supervisor to enter an ongoing call and speak to the agent without the customer being able to hear them. If the agent is looking for support or needs a second opinion but wants to maintain the flow of the call and the rapport that has been built with the customer, Whisper offers the supervisor the chance to hear what’s going on and help the agent proceed with the call on their own.

Barge. The final option for entering an ongoing call, the Barge feature turns a call between an agent and a customer into a three-way call with the supervisor so each person can hear and converse with the other two. This is a great way for a supervisor to show support to an agent and reinforce what they are telling the customer from a position of greater authority.

These are just a few of the ways that CallShaper supports call center supervisors. To learn about the others, plus how we support agents and managers, request a demo today.