The goal of any company that utilizes a sales-focused call center is to establish direct, person-to-person connections with potential customers. For this reason, and especially when using an automated dialer, it is critical that there are no missed opportunities to establish these connections. One of the ways that CallShaper’s software is ensuring that none of these opportunities are missed is by employing the 3% abandonment rate rule.

The 3% abandonment rate rule says that in a 30-day period, only 3% of outbound calls can be abandoned. CallShaper’s cutting edge dialing software is constantly at work sorting phone numbers and dialing, working to make these connections. But if someone picks up a call and all the agents on the team are busy with other calls, there will be no one on the line to assist, effectively abandoning that potential customer and losing out on the opportunity to make a sale at that moment and likely in the future. Fortunately, the dialer remembers that this abandonment has occurred and will adjust the speed at which it dials to lower the likelihood of it happening again. It is constantly collecting data on the rate at which calls are initiated and the number of calls being picked up to maximize the number of connections and sales made. A low abandonment rate also builds customer trust, increasing the likelihood that they will pick up a call in the future.

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