Call Center Preparation for the Coronavirus

Call centers are a hub of germs!  Reps sit close together in pods, they sometimes share headsets with their supervisors, they are stuck inside without fresh air every day, and they share bathrooms and breakrooms.  If someone in your call center gets the coronavirus, it could spread quickly!  Having your call center quarantined can result in lost revenue and lost clients!

What can you do to prepare?

  • Keep disinfectant wipes and sanitizer everywhere
  • Have the reps wipe down their whole workstation at the beginning and end of their shift
  • Do not let supervisors take over the rep’s headset when they need to take a call, have them use their own
  • Clean bathrooms multiple times throughout the day and keep sanitizing spray in the bathroom
  • Clean breakrooms multiple times throughout the day, and keep sanitizing wipes around and encourage reps to wipe down tables before and after they eat
  • Encourage reps to go outside for fresh air during lunch and breaks
  • Educate the reps on how to stay well. They should eat healthy, get exercise, get plenty of sleep, take their vitamins.
  • And most important, tell your reps to STAY HOME if they are sick!!!

Reps will come to work when they are sick if they don’t have sick days or don’t get paid for time off.  This is the worst thing they can do.  The best thing you can do to prevent this is to set up your reps to work from home so if they are sick and they can’t miss work, they can still work virtually.

If you are still using a premise-based dialer, now is the time to go to the cloud!  You don’t have to replace your system, you can use a cloud-based dialer to compliment your current set up, by distributing a percentage of the calls or using the cloud-based system as overflow.

CallShaper can set you up on a cloud-based dialer in a few hours.  Don’t wait, get prepared now!!!  For more information, go to or email us at