When a call center agent clocks in, puts on a headset and begins dialing, it’s difficult to say how many calls he or she will complete over the course of a day or what sort of issues will come up. But the one thing that will ensure that the agent can do his or her job confidently, consistently, and up to the company’s standards is an intuitive and easy-to-use scripting interface. With the right features, the agent will be able to convert more leads, make more sales and meet goals and benchmarks that much faster. What are some of these scripting features?

  • Pre-Filled Forms: A system that pre-fills forms with the basic information of each potential customer before they even pick up the phone takes care of the first necessary step on a call, allowing the agent to move to the next phase of the call faster.
  • Minimal Typing: Instead of typing out the customer’s responses to questions, the option to select responses from a drop-down menu or check them off a list also allows the agent to quickly move the call forward.
  • Rebuttals and Frequently Asked Questions: To minimize the time it would take for an agent to think about or look up the answer to a common question or a response to pushback, rebuttals can be added to any or all pages of the script. To use, the agent simply clicks on the rebuttal that the customer has given and a suggested response is provided.
  • Supervisor Chat and Transfer: For questions that the agent does not already have the answer to, a chat box on the script screen allows him or her to send a brief message to the supervisor to get the answer quickly before the customer loses interest. If a customer requests to speak to a supervisor, the transfer can be completed with the simple click of a button, after which the software immediately dials the next number.
  • Tabs: Similar to the way a web browser is used, tabs within the scripting interface allow agents to keep any windows open that contain information that might be pertinent or come in handy on a call. This way, they can easily jump back and forth between a web page and the script with negligible lag time.

These user-friendly dynamic scripting features are not available with all call center software platforms, but they are all available with CallShaper. Contact CallShaper today to learn more about all of the features that will make a call center agent’s job infinitely easier.