CallShaper FAQ: Does CallShaper record calls?

Each month, we will be highlighting a question we receive often from current and potential customers. This month’s question: Does CallShaper record calls?


The short answer is yes, CallShaper’s dialing software records 100% of the calls made as part of your campaign. There are numerous benefits to this feature. First, recordings help keep your team accountable, ensuring that they are following scripts and taking all the possible and necessary steps to close a sale. In addition to holding team members accountable, these recordings can also be helpful for training new employees and/or identifying knowledge or skills gaps that exist among team members—data that you can then use to make adjustments or add additional training to your campaign.


Next, recordings are a valuable asset when it comes to ensuring you are compliant with all rules and regulations—if your compliance is questioned, you have the library of recordings that you can go back to in order to prove that your team is following all the rules. And while other dialing software only stores recordings for a limited amount of time, CallShaper will store your recordings indefinitely in an easy-to-retrieve format.


It is also very easy to change which calls are being recorded and when. You can elect to turn off all call recordings for a specific campaign if you’d like. If there is a part of a call that should not be recorded, such as when sensitive or personal information is being collected from the customer, an agent can manually pause the recording or an option can be inserted on that page of the script that makes it simple to pause and then restart the recording. Whatever your needs are for a particular campaign, CallShaper can meet them.


For more information on the ways CallShaper is looking out for its customers, request a demo today.