There are numerous benefits to moving your call center business to the cloud, especially today when many companies are establishing hybrid or fully remote business models. But before you make the leap, there are a few questions you should ask yourself to prepare your business and your team for the transition.

How do your employees communicate?


Transitioning from a premise-based system to a cloud-based system is going to change the way your employees communicate with one another. If most of your training, meetings and team building and bonding take place (or historically took place) in person, you’ll need to think about how to adjust those experiences without losing their efficacy—you want training to continue to be worthwhile and teams to keep feeling connected even if they aren’t in the same place. What’s more, thinking about communication is important even if you are going to a hybrid model and intend to have your employees in an office part of the time. A move to the cloud may also impact how they connect informally throughout the workday, such as how they reach out to supervisors with questions or how they compare notes with other team members.


How integrated are your systems and software?


Put simply, the more systems and applications you have on the cloud, the better. This way, it will be easier to integrate them and have them communicate with one another, making your agents’ jobs significantly easier. If some of the applications you use are housed in the cloud while others are on servers at your office, it might be more difficult to transition to a cloud-based dialer. You want your agents to be able to record customer information or look up customer histories while on a call and having access to the tools and apps that allow them to do so quickly is key.


How tech savvy are your employees?


The answer to this question will vary in importance based on the cloud-based dialer you choose. A system like CallShaper, for example, does not require an in-house IT department to run and maintain. There is training provided and support people are always standing by to answer questions and troubleshoot issues, so your team does not need to be incredibly tech savvy to begin with. Transitioning to a remote work model in which agents access everything over the internet can be stressful and overwhelming, so considering the skill levels of your employees before selecting a cloud-based software solution is critical.

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