At one point or another, you’ve likely gotten the following advice (or some version of it): To succeed, you must do one thing really, really well. Being the best at one thing is much better than being mediocre at many things. And to an extent, this is very good advice. It encourages honing your skills and becoming an expert in your particular specific field, after which you may be able to use those skills to more easily (and more successfully) branch out from there.

The evolution of CallShaper’s dialing software has followed such a trajectory since its founding in 2009, and as such now offers an array of features and solutions that allow the dialer to essentially transform to fit the business for which it is being used.

Are you a telemarketing company relying on outbound calls or inbound calls in response to advertisements to make sales? As the #1 solution for sales-focused call centers, many of the tools offered in CallShaper directly support this kind of business. CallShaper’s lead management tools help you sort leads, monitor their success rates and track the validity and promise of different lead sources. The state-of-the-art predictive dialer ensures maximum agent efficiency. And tools that track regulatory rules guarantee that you’re always in compliance with federal and state regulations.

But what if you are primarily an inbound call center, either fielding inquiries fed by advertisements, handling customer service calls or serving as the first communication point for an insurance company or doctor’s office? CallShaper has features that support these industries as well. An easy-to-edit Interactive Voice Responder allows you to determine how you want to route calls to limit wait times, ensure callers reach a solution faster and help make sure agents are fielding inquiries that they are equipped to handle. Dynamic scripting gives agents the ability to successfully handle different types of calls and get customers the answers or information they need efficiently. Integration with ordering systems and webhooks that connect directly to company databases limit downtime during calls and ensure that everything is properly recorded and processed.

Being the best at one thing is great—but really, excelling at multiple things is better. To learn more about how CallShaper can support your business, no matter your needs, contact us today.