If you want to build a successful outbound call center, your first thought may be that you need to prioritize speed. Making as many calls as quickly as possible and driving up the volume of possible connections is what will net you the most sales. However, this is not always the case. Instead of speed and maximizing volume, you should be focused on optimizing your efficiency. Here’s why.

By definition, efficiency is a state in which you are achieving maximum productivity with minimum wasted effort or expense. If you are going for speed, you may be putting in a lot of effort or resources to keep up with the volume of calls but might not be seeing a proportionate increase in connections or sales, due to a higher abandonment rate, increased wait times or more calls being screened by customers. And if your method for keeping up is by increasing the number of agents working at a given time, your personnel expenses may be up as well. The result: Middle-of-the-road productivity and some potentially wasted effort and expense.

By contrast, an efficient call center uses a dialer that adjusts the dialing ratio and speed based on the number of agents manning the phones in order to reduce abandoned calls and long wait times. It uses a script that helps agents move both quickly and carefully through calls while providing the resources they need to do so. It vets phone numbers ahead of time to make sure they aren’t being labeled as spam by major carriers. It takes the time to ensure agents are well-trained and well-prepared to respond to any potential scenario as opposed to prioritizing the speed with which they go from new hire to frontline agent. Prioritizing efficiency may mean putting in a little extra work behind the scenes, but it is guaranteed to maximize productivity and increase customer connections, all while keeping agents from getting overwhelmed or buried by call volume.

The good news: CallShaper was specifically designed to optimize the efficiency of your call center. To learn more about the features and solutions that will help you do so, schedule a demo today.