Sure, there are plenty of people who grumble and complain when their smartphone or their computer undergoes an update and there are new features that they need to learn or apps and commands that now live in a different place. But after a few days, the grumbling always stops. Why? Those same people realize that, in the majority of cases, those changes were made for a reason. And most often, that reason is that it improves their experience of the product in some way.

This is why, in a nutshell, utilizing new technology is so important in every industry, especially those like call centers in which customer experience is front and center. You want all of the customer’s interactions with your company, whether that’s using your product, shopping on your website, or communicating with your customer service team, to be easy, smooth, and streamlined. You don’t want them struggling through unclear prompts or having trouble navigating to the correct place. In many cases, the technology that is going to offer the best possible customer experience is going to be one of, if not the newest one available.

In addition to simply offering the best possible experience for your customers, there is another big reason to keep up with new technology: Even if it’s not purposeful, people are judgmental. They possess biases, even about technology. And while they may not make a conscious decision to do so, if they consider the technology you are using to be outdated or old-fashioned in any way, even if it serves its purpose perfectly adequately, they are going to make judgements about your business. They are going to assume that if your technology is outdated (or even just seems that way), there are likely other aspects of your business that are outdated as well—and if there are multiple aspects of your business that are outdated, this may pose problems in the future that will prevent them from choosing you. But if you are keeping up with the changes and advancements that are happening in your industry, you don’t have to worry about these customer biases showing through and influencing their decision-making. The result? You’re that much more likely to attract, sign and retain new customers.

Now, let’s talk briefly about technology and call centers in particular. There are basic features that customers now expect when they are calling an inbound call center: An IVR menu that helps them successfully navigate to the correct person to address their inquiry, some details about their expected wait time and/or the option to schedule a call back, the ability to input some information about themselves or the reason for their call before they reach an agent. The same goes for the agent-facing side of the call. They expect to be able to move fluidly through an interactive script equipped with helpful tools and rebuttals and to be able to toggle seamlessly among integrated apps with minimal lag time. At the same time, these expectations are constantly changing and evolving, which is why keeping up with the new technology that is changing and evolving alongside them is so critical. Don’t let your business get left behind.

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