It’s not news that the COVID-19 pandemic has drastically impacted the economy and the workforce, forcing people to rethink the type of lifestyle the want and the type of job or career that will best support that. This shift in worker thinking has also forced employers to reevaluate how they are treating their employees and what they can do to find and hold onto the type of people they want working for and representing their company. Here are some steps you can take to limit agent turnover in the coming year.

Consider Embracing Remote Work for Good


The pandemic may have forced industries to shift to a remote work model, but many have discovered that the model may work in the long term—and that workers are happier for it. Consider offering remote work permanently (or at least as an option) and you will likely attract and retain more people as agents. While it wasn’t even a thought a few years ago, people now see the option to work remotely as a huge bonus that may be the factor that determines whether they will stay in a role or not.


Emphasize Interviewing and Training


Even if you need to get a team of agents up and running quickly, taking your time with the interviewing and training processes will make things exponentially easier and limit agent turnover in the long run. It’s impossible to hire dependable, qualified individuals if you don’t conduct a thorough interview process. Likewise, rushing through training and leaving agents to learn on the job can be incredibly frustrating and stressful for the employees (not to mention the customers), which can make it more likely that they will go looking for a different position.


Move to the Cloud


Cloud-based call center software, like CallShaper’s, can also be a boon when it comes to holding onto agents. With a cloud-based dialer, agents have the ability to work from anywhere they have a strong and reliable internet connection, flexibility that many workers are looking for. It also means that everyone has access to the entire system and any necessary tools no matter their location, so capabilities are not limited just because team members are not in an office all together. A cloud-based dialer offers freedom, flexibility and ease of use that will help you hold onto agents in the long term.

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