Do you want to see what’s happening with your phone numbers in real time? Well, with CallerID AutoPilot, the newest program from CallShaper, you can! CallerID AutoPilot is designed to improve your reputation, protect your brand and increase connection rates on outbound campaigns by severely limiting the chances that your calls are labeled as spam. Clients who tested CallerID AutoPilot have seen a more than 10% increase in connection rate, plus an increase in sales and an improved customer experience.

How does it work? CallerID AutoPilot helps up your connection rates, increase sales efficiency and improve your reputation in two phases. In the first phase, which happens before your campaign begins, CallShaper looks at the regions your campaign is targeting, your dialing habits and call volume (based on information you provide in a workbook), then purchases phone numbers with the goal of presenting a local phone number to every potential customer. We then register these numbers with all the major carriers and update any settings that may trigger a flag, significantly reducing the chances that your calls will be labeled or in violation of any TCPA compliance settings.

Then comes the second phase, during which CallerID AutoPilot works in the background while your campaign is underway. Many carriers use call volume from a certain number to trigger a flag, so we limit the number of calls made by each phone number each day to avoid this. If a phone number does get labeled or flagged, CallerID AutoPilot immediately pulls that number out of the outbound rotation, inserts a regionally appropriate replacement and investigates the reason for the flag (contacting the provider to challenge the flag when necessary). Then once the flag has been removed the number is added back to the rotation.

As CallerID AutoPilot works, it is collecting data, all of which is available for the client to access through the CallShaper interface. You will be able to see the number of active phone numbers on your campaign, the daily usage limit for each number, how many have been flagged or unflagged in the last 1, 5, 7, and 30 days, and by what service (such as the FTC, Robokiller, or a provider like Verizon or TMobile). All this data can then be used to further increase efficiency and connection rates.

Questions about CallerID AutoPilot lot? Interested in adding this exciting new feature to your outbound campaign with CallShaper? Contact us today!