Telemarketers need leads and those leads need to come from somewhere. A simple internet search will reveal that there are lots of lead brokers out there, yet each one is going to have slightly different offerings, which means that some might be better suited to your company and your product than others. Here are four characteristics to consider when you’re looking for a quality lead source.



Different lead brokers are going to price their offerings differently and it’s up to you to decide on the best pricing structure for your business. Some charge by the lead or by the download, others charge by the list and others still charge by the month for unlimited access to all of their leads. If you’re just beginning to use lead brokers you may also want to select one to start that offers free searches before you need to pay to access their full lead library. When you’re shopping around for lead brokers, consider your budget and how many leads you are going to need on a monthly basis and select the pricing structure accordingly.


Lead Breakdown


How curated do you want your leads to be? Some lead brokers are going to have more specific lists than others. If you are targeting customers in a specific state or region, you likely want a source that sells leads by state so you aren’t paying for lists of people who will never become customers. Who your customers are also comes into play, as some brokers have a more extensive library of B2B contacts while others focus primarily on B2C.


Number of Downloads


If you’re trying to collect all the leads you can get, a source that offers unlimited downloads is probably your best bet. But if you’re going to be more selective, a broker that limits the number of downloads (and is likely a bit less expensive) may be a better option for your company.


Lead Types Available

More lead brokers are beginning to put together lists of email addresses in addition to phone numbers. If you’re planning a campaign with the intention of reaching out to potential customers through multiple mediums, you are going to want a lead source that supports that goal. Whether or not a broker has an email marketing database and which subscription or pricing structure is required to access it are key points to consider.

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