One of the things that CallShaper prides itself on is the fact that you should be able to run your business almost entirely from within the software. That means running campaigns, reviewing employee performance, monitoring calls, integrating sales and more. But the tools and features that each person on your team needs to achieve these ends is going to vary depending on their position. In other words, people with different jobs are going to need to do different things. That’s why CallShaper offers three unique applications. They are:


  • Agent: CallShaper’s agent application is designed with maximum efficiency in mind. Agents require minimal training to use the system and the application is available from anywhere they have a strong internet connection, whether they are working in an office or remotely. Agents will be able to access just the tools and features they need in order to best respond to the caller, such as the interactive script and the option to chat with a supervisor, but no other features that will draw their focus away from the customer.
  • Supervisor: The supervisor application is all about, well, supervising. Anything that a supervisor would be able to do if they were in a room with their agents they are able to do through this application. They are given easy-to-read, real-time stats on how many agents are dialing or on calls and what the outcomes of those calls are. From this application, supervisors can access the four available methods they have for connecting with their agents: Monitoring (listening in to calls silently), whispering (speaking to an agent without speaking to the caller), barging (speaking to both the agent and the caller) and chatting (sending a written instant message). And like the agents, they have access to all of these features from anywhere with an internet connection.
  • Manage: CallShaper’s manage application gives you total control of your campaigns. Managers are able to design campaigns, edit scripts, rebuttals and IVRs and essentially customize every aspect of a campaign. What’s more, they are able to do all of this with little to no involvement from IT. From this application, managers can automate and optimize every process for their agents, ensuring that they will be able to work efficiently and maximize connections and sales.


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