Outbound call centers live on leads. Without them, campaigns can stall, sales plummet and employees suffer. But the constant need for fresh leads means that there are a number of problems that teams can run into when it comes to receiving leads—and these problems can slow progress and take team members away from the jobs they should be doing. Here, four common lead management issues and how CallShaper can help you solve them.

The problem: Receiving too many leads at once.


If you’re receiving leads in bulk, it can feel like getting so many papers dropped on your desk that you can’t see over the piles. The solution: CallShaper has a bulk file uploading feature, in which you can upload as many leads as you like in one go. Before doing so, you can also convey to the dialer the relevant information that you need in each lead file and make sure that information is saved in the proper field so that the dialer can start using those leads immediately.


The problem: Receiving leads that aren’t organized.


Especially when it comes to maintaining compliance, it’s critical that leads are organized. After uploading leads to CallShaper, you can organize them based on any number of characteristics, such as where the leads are located, which plays a key role in when and how you will be able to call them.


The problem: Receiving leads from multiple sources.


In addition to organizing leads based on their characteristics, you can organize them based on the lead source. This comes into play if you are receiving leads from sources that you know are reliable and others you aren’t sure of, or if you have sources you know consistently turn out leads that result in sales or others that more often yield dead ends.


The problem: Receiving unfamiliar leads.


Not only can new and unfamiliar leads be a waste of time for your team, but they can also be detrimental to your campaign. CallShaper’s software is connected to multiple databases that will crosscheck your leads with state and federal Do Not Call lists as well as lists of numbers that are purposely pursuing ways to bring litigation against your company. These tools help protect your company from potentially damaging or financially crippling lawsuits, plus ensure you’re always in compliance.

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