Being a manager or a supervisor is a busy job. You’re expected to provide guidance to and keep tabs on your team, all while completing your own tasks and responsibilities. Such a busy work schedule provides little time for evaluating your team’s performance and providing the necessary feedback to improve connections or increase sales. The solution: Customizable scorecards that streamline the evaluation process.

Supervisors don’t have time to answer or scroll past questions or categories on a pre-templated scorecard that they don’t care about. With fully customizable scorecards, they can only include the specific questions they are interested in at that point. For example, if a team has a high connection rate but low sales, the supervisor can create a scorecard that only includes questions addressing the parts of a call that influence this issue specifically. This way, they avoid spending time evaluating other parts of the call that are not as relevant to the issue at hand.

Depending on whether they are looking for qualitative or quantitative feedback, the types of questions on a scorecard can also be customized. If you are performing a comprehensive evaluation and want to be able to give agents specific, personalized feedback on their performance, you can make the questions open-ended. But if you’re just looking for certain statistics about calls and don’t have time to write responses, you can create questions that are answered with a Pass or Fail or on a numbers scale.

Supervisors also don’t have time to toggle back and forth between windows every time they need to pause or play a call recording. With CallShaper, scorecards and call recordings are completely integrated; you simply open a recording, choose Grade Call, select the scorecard you want to use and then play the recording from within the scorecard. This makes the evaluation process much more efficient, especially if a supervisor is trying to complete multiple evaluations in a short period of time.

Taking the time to evaluate your team’s performance is critical to ensuring that they continue to do their jobs at the highest level and customizable scorecards can help you do that. To learn more about the quality assurance tools available with CallShaper, contact us today.