Maintaining up-to-date knowledge of Do Not Call (or DNC) lists is incredibly beneficial for an outbound campaign. Your agents won’t waste time dialing people who will not become customers and your company won’t be at risk for litigation or becoming the subject of a boycott or smear campaign. In order to maintain maximum DNC compliance, there are three lists (or categories of lists) that you need to keep an eye on.

National Do Not Call Registry

The National Do Not Call Registry is just as it sounds: a nationwide list that telemarketers must abide by. At, people can register for free to be added to this list, which is managed by the FTC. Respecting the National DNC Registry is what separates legitimate companies from scammers who do not have the list integrated with their dialer and their internal DNC list, so making sure to abide by it is critical to maintaining your company’s reputation.

Wireless Numbers


Put simply, most telemarketing calls to wireless numbers are illegal. Unless you have received express prior consent from a customer, it is unlawful to make a call using an automatic dialer to a wireless number, regardless of whether that number is in the National DNC Registry or on a state DNC list. A dialer like CallShaper can help differentiate between landlines and wireless numbers for you to make sure you aren’t violating any of these regulations, which could result in your company being reported or your calls being blocked.

State Do Not Call Lists

Even though there is a National Do Not Call Registry, there are still 12 states that maintain their own DNC lists: Colorado, Florida, Indiana, Louisiana, Massachusetts, Mississippi, Missouri, Oklahoma, Pennsylvania, Tennessee, Texas and Wyoming. If your company is going to be calling into one of these states it is likely worth integrating their DNC lists into your CallShaper campaign, especially since their update schedules and exemptions likely vary from one to the next. CallShaper can help ensure that the rules that you need to be following for each state are being followed.

For more information on how CallShaper can integrate various DNC lists and help you maintain compliance, contact us today.