Increasing productivity without sacrificing efficiency is often the biggest struggle call centers today face. The digital transformation has led to outdated legacy call center systems and introduced new TCPA compliance laws. To solve this problem, call centers use predictive dialer software that works in harmony with their workforce. Commonly used in outbound call centers, predictive dialer software makes the work of a call center more efficient by employing computer algorithms to place calls based on a pre-uploaded contact list.

The history of predictive dialers actually dates back to the 1980’s when technology advanced across all industries. This time introduced the opportunity to automate various segments of the call center business, including the way multiple phone calls are handled.

Initially, the first predictive dialers were limited to the banks and were considered to be the most basic system used for telemarketing and collections. The older version required call centers to go through the inconvenience of loading floppy disks containing the name and contact information of the callers. On top of that, call center agents were required to sit next to the dialers in four-hour shifts. After several years of innovations, a more effiencent system has been created to drastically improve the overall effectiveness from workers and boost revenue. Today’s predictive dialers are now considered invaluable for call center agents.


Since call centers and telemarketing businesses rely on the maximum number of calls made within the day, automating the process of handling calls reduces the incidents that would otherwise lead to unanswered calls, longer waiting times, or dead numbers.

The predictive dialer has proven itself to be a vital asset to the call center and telemarketing industry. In essence, predictive dialer software works using statistical algorithms to minimize the intervals between successfully answered calls. Because the industry relies on sales of any commodity or service closed by the agents on the other end of the line, it is impossible to overemphasize the role played by the number of prospective leads they connect within one day.

Unlike the ancient versions, the predictive dialer software of today does more than store contact information for the agents to call. The software also dials multiple numbers at a time, depending on the rate of call outcomes. Additionally, as your campaign changes, the software will monitor those changes and react accordingly to maintain the highest efficiency.

With improved efficiency, agents can lock in more sales and make impactful profits. In fact, the best predictive dialers show that agents spend 55 minutes of every hour busied by potential customers. Additionally, when regulatory rules are built in to predictive dialer software, Federal and State regulations can be obeyed so that speed does not come with expensive fines. When TCPA regulations are not followed precisely, significant financial consequences occur and your call center can suffer greatly.

Now you can see why predictive dialer software is an invaluable tool for the success of today’s call centers. To learn more even more about the benefits of predictive dialer software, check out our blog Top 5 Benefits of Predictive Dialers For Your Sales-Focused Call Center.

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