Increasing call center productivity while keeping TCPA compliant is like walking a fine line. One slip, and calls become displaced, unorganized and the company is at risk to pay expensive fines for not following regulations.

When call centers implement an outbound dialer, agents increase their number of live connections dramatically, while keeping quality under control. More importantly, the customer service experience becomes more positive from every aspect. This most up to date automated calling system supports cloud-based monitoring, allowing for maximum call center efficiency.

The technology behind the outbound dialer works with a statistical algorithm to dial multiple numbers at one time. Their information is then stored in cloud-based software. The mathematical formulas predict the average time it will take for calls to be answered. The dialing rate is then automatically adjusted to assign, speed up and slow down according to agent availability.

An outbound dialer system typically includes the predictive dialer, the preview dialer, and the manual preview.

  • Predictive Dialer: Automates the call handling process by reducing unanswered calls, long wait times and dead numbers. Best of all agents are busy while complying to all applicable regulations.
  • Preview Dialer: Allows agents to review detailed lead information before the call is connected, well suited for business to business campaigns.
  • Manual Preview: TCPA compliancy is top of mind in this mode where wireless leads are dialed that have not given written consent.

Outbound dialers are designed and developed to meet competitive needs – making them a powerful call center tool. Benefits include an increased return on investment and a reduction on IT costs. Plus, agent effiency rises with higher contact rates and data entry mistakes are minimal.

Whether you are start-up or seasoned call center, CallShaper can help with the best outbound dialers needed to improve your business. If you’re looking to learn more about predictive dialers in particular, read our blog post Top 5 Benefits of Predictive Dialers For Your Sales-Focused Call Center.