You’ve done everything right in setting up your outbound call center. First, you selected the best dialer for your business, then trained your agents, and then obtained trustworthy and promising leads. But when measuring the success of any outbound campaign, there is one factor that is entirely out of your control: Whether or not your potential customers will pick up the phone when you call. However, something you can control is what shows up on your customer’s caller ID—and this can play a key role in whether your customer accepts or declines your call. Here are some of the ways you can use caller ID to increase your chances of connecting with customers:

  • LocalTouch: This service will display a local number on the customer’s caller ID that rings back to your main number. If a customer sees an area code that he or she recognizes, he or she is more likely to answer the phone. LocalTouch is a patented product from Nobelbiz, a company that creates call center technology, that CallShaper is licensed to use.
  • Trusted Caller ID: CallShaper and Nobelbiz have also teamed up to offer this service. Trusted Caller ID allows you to register the phone numbers associated with your company to a certified business entity. This is crucial to keep phone companies from accusing you of caller ID spoofing and marking your numbers as spam or fraud on the customer’s caller ID.
  • Rotating Caller ID: The more times a customer sees the same number on their caller ID that they don’t recognize, the more likely he or she is to block the caller. One way to prevent this and increase the likelihood of connecting with a customer is by rotating the caller ID number by call attempt. Perhaps the customer doesn’t answer the first two numbers, but the third seems familiar so they accept the call. From there, it’s in the hands of your agents to make the sale.
  • Assigning Caller ID by Lead Source: One valuable tool available from CallShaper is assigning caller ID numbers to files based on the lead source and where the leads are located. In many cases, leads may be separated by state or geographical region, so the ability to assign one local caller ID number to all the customers in one lead file can improve agent efficiency and number of connections made.

Caller ID methodology is just one of the ways CallShaper can help you build your outbound call center business. To learn about more of the ways, request a demo today.