There are many factors that come into play in order for an outbound call center to stay compliant with state and federal regulations regarding when and how you are able to call prospective customers. Many of those fall to the company and the dialer, such as ensuring that calls are being made to the correct regions at the correct times of day and that calls are not being made to numbers in the Do Not Call Registry. But there are also factors that are out of the company’s hands and fall into those of the carrier.

Thanks to STIR/SHAKEN and the TRACED Act, telephone carriers are responsible for implementing technology that checks the digital certificates of the phone numbers originating calls, protecting customers from spoofed numbers and spammers. But even though it’s been a few years since these rules were put in place, it was only in mid-2021 that carriers needed to prove they had these protocols ready to go. And while they do go far towards protecting customers, they are not perfect and may interfere with a perfectly legal telemarketing campaign.

Fortunately, CallShaper is aware of this and is taking to steps to keep our clients from being hurt by these regulations. In addition to digital certificates, carriers will use call volume from a certain number to trigger a flag of the number as potential spam. Knowing this, CallShaper automatically limits the number of calls made by each phone number each day to avoid triggering this flag. But if a number does get labeled as spam, that number is immediately pulled out of the outbound rotation and replaced while CallShaper investigates what went wrong. Through CallShaper’s new program CallerID AutoPilot, all of these processes happen in the background of your campaign.

We know that compliance is important, but we also want to give our clients the best chance to be successful. That’s why CallShaper helps you work within the existing regulations and uses tools to ensure you stay in compliance while also providing you with the tools and safeguards that will maximize sales.

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