The solar and energy sector is a constantly and rapidly growing industry. An energy company also has a lot of moving parts, from sales, support and administrative people in an office to the techs and installation crews out on the job. Without the right software, it can be difficult to keep all of these roles straight and ensure that processes are running as efficiently as possible. Here are three call center software tools that can help solar and energy companies stay capable and productive.

Integrated Scripting


While the folks out on the road are incredibly important to these companies, equally important are the people manning the phones and handling scheduling. Without a smooth, organized and efficient system, appointment and installation scheduling can quickly become messy and disordered. Fully integrated scripting, like CallShaper’s, allows agents to access their scheduling software from within the script, streamlining this process and ensuring that everything stays organized.


Quality Assurance Scorecards


Even if business is booming it can always help to evaluate the needs of customers and determine if and how they are being served. Quality assurance scorecards can help people identify the most common needs, requests and questions of both current and potential customers based on the phone conversations they are having with sales and support agents so that any necessary changes can be made in order to make business more efficient and maximize sales.


Lead Management Tools

A consistently growing customer base is vital to the continued success of an energy business—and the more information they can collect and quantify about potential new customers, the faster business will grow. Lead management tools can provide data on the viability of leads and the likelihood that they will become customers and help organize and prioritize those that come from different sources accordingly. This information will help the business determine the best regions and types of customers to target.

CallShaper’s cloud-based call center software provides all of these tools and more that will streamline and simplify your solar or energy call center. To learn more, request a demo today.