In today’s competitive market, you should not overpay for your dialer.

Typically, there are two components to your dialer costs, the monthly subscription costs, and the telco costs.  Sometimes,  these costs are bundled together into one monthly subscription cost based on a certain amount of telco usage.  The total costs for your dialing platform should be approximately $150 per month per user including both the subscription and telco costs.

Be aware of hidden costs: 

  • Startup costs
  • Training and support
  • Feature upgrades
  • Cancellation fees
  • Extra telco costs
  • Programming costs
  • Recording fees
  • Data storage fees

Look for a dialer that has no start-up costs, includes training and support, and has month to month contract terms without cancellation fees.  Also, make sure you clearly understand what features are included so you don’t have to pay extra for something you thought was included.  Some dialers charge you extra for feature packages like scripting or QA scorecards, as well as for things like data and recording storage.  Also, some dialers require you to have IT resources or even require you to use their programmers because it takes specialized training to set up and manage their dialer.  Look for a dialer that has a user interface that does not require extra IT costs.

Also, make sure you clearly understand the telco costs. Sometimes, telco is included but the fees can be high if you go over the included usage. Even if they say unlimited usage there is usually fine print that says it is not unlimited.  The typical phone minutes per user is going to be approximately 5000-8000 minutes per month and should cost you around a penny a minute.

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